2012 living now award winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Living Now Book Awards!

2012 Living Now Books of the Year

Living Now Books of the Year are chosen because they represent the spirit of the Living Now Awards and the aspects of Mind, Body, Spirit and Earth. All receive gold medals.

Mind: Apple for President, by William Keiper (FirstGlobal Partners)

Body: Make Yourself Better: A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Body's Wellbeing through Ancient Medicine, by Philip Weeks (Singing Dragon)

Spirit: Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul, by M.J. Domet (Xlibris)

Earth: The Boreal Herbal: Wild Food and Medicine Plants of the North, by Beverley Gray (Aroma Borealis Press)

2012 Living Now Book Award Medalists

1. Cookbooks/General

Gold: Essential Nourishment: Recipes from My Estonian Farm, by Marika Blossfeldt (Delicious Nutrition)

Silver: The Passionate Vegetable: Health Inspired Recipes to Revitalize Your Life for Vegetarians or Meat Lovers! by Suzanne Landry, N.C. (Health Inspired)

Bronze: Mo Betta Cookn’, by Lindsey “Mo” Morris II (AuthorHouse)

2. Cooking/ Natural (Nutrition, Organic, Vegetarian, etc.)

Gold: Raw Foods on a Budget, by Brandi Rollins, M.S. (Brandi Rollins)

Silver: 125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes: Quick and Delicious Mouthwatering Dishes for the Healthy Cook, by Carol Fenster, PH.D (Avery Books)

Bronze: Recipes for Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook, by Gail Piazza and Laura Piazza (Peconic Publishing)

3. Cooking/Ethnic/Holiday

Gold: A Family Farm in Tuscany: Recipes and Stories from Fattoria Poggio Alloro, by Sarah Fioroni (Shearer Publishing)

Silver: Ruby’s Juke Joint Americana Cookbook, by Ruby Dee (Bando Press)

Bronze: Feste! Celebrate with Italian Cuisine, by Diane L. Cosentino, Pamela Constantino Zdenovec, Valerie Paese Kane (Dekalb Street Publishing LLC)

4. Crafts /Hobbies/Collecting

Gold: More William Morris Appliqué: Spectacular Quilts and Accessories for the Home, by Michele Hill (Country Bumpkin Publications)

Silver: Home Sweet Home: An Embroidered Workbox, by Carolyn Pearce (Inspirations Books)

Bronze: New York Beauty: Simplified, by Linda J. Hahn (AQS Publishing)

5. Gift/Specialty/Keepsake

Gold: Cheers to Life: True to Myself, by A.H. Cameron Strother, PH.D. (First Projection)

Silver: Grandma’s Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom, by Calvin Mackie, Ph.D. (Acanthus Publishing)

Bronze: Wishing You: Ah-h-h-justing to Life, by Dr. Lauren Nappen (Headline Books)

6. Journal/Planner/Calendar

Gold: From Gratitude to Bliss: A Journey in Health and Happiness, by Lorraine Miller (Nourish By Nature)

Silver: My Bucketfilling Journal: 30 Days to a Happier Life, by Carol McCloud (Ferne Press)

Bronze: 366 Days of Nutrition & Health for the Family, by Les McCarthy (Pathfinder Publications)

7. Gardening/Farming/Landscaping

Gold: High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening: 1001 Ways to Garden Sustainability, by Alice Bowe (Timber Press)

Silver: From Art to Landscape: Unleashing Creativity in Garden Design, by W. Gary Smith (Timber Press)

Bronze: Putting Down Roots: Gardening Insights from Wisconsin’s Early Settlers, by Marcia C. Carmichael (Wisconsin Historical Society Press)

8. Animals/Pets/Livestock

Gold: Lipstick and the Leash: Dog Training a Woman’s Way, by Camilla Gray-Nelson (Double Dove Press)

Silver: Halle and Tiger with their Bucketfilling Family, by Peggy Johncox; illustrated by Megan D. Wellman (Ferne Press)

Bronze: My Ears Have a Wet Nose: Acquiring, Training and Loving a Hearing Dog, by Anne Wicklund (HearingImpaired.net Inc.)

9. Green Living (Alternative energy, Conservation, Cleaning, etc.)

Gold: Do Your Part: A Practical Guide to Everyday Green Living, by Terri Bennett (SPARK Publications)

Silver: Comfortably Unaware: Global Depletion and Food Responsibility, by Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander (Langdon Street Press)

Bronze: Drops of Life, by Esko-Pekka Tiitinen; illustrated by Nikolai Tiitinen (Cuento de Luz)

11. Home Building/Remodeling/Decorating

Gold: The Seductive Home™, by Moll Anderson (Moll Anderson Productions)

Silver: The Meghan Method: The Step-by-Step Guide to Decorating Your Home in Your Style, by Meghan Carter (Gem Multimedia)

Bronze: EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience, by Debra Duneier (New Voices Press)

12. Family/Parenting

Gold (tie): Don’t Carve the Turkey with a Chainsaw: Resolving Family Conflict, by Roger Frame, Ph.D. (PineStar Publishing)

The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting, by Michele Sfakianos, RN, BSN (Open Pages Publishing)

Silver (tie): Highlighting Homeschooling: Empowering Parents and Inspiring Children, by Bethany M. Gardiner, M.D. (Sticky Tape Press)

Food Fights: Winning the Nutritional Challenges of Parenthood – Second Edition, by Laura A. Jana, MD, FAAP and Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Bronze: Secret Boys’ Business - Second Edition, by Rose Stewart, Fay Angelo and Heather Anderson; illustrated by Jeff Taylor (SGB Publishing)

13. Finance/Budgeting

Gold: The 7% Solution: You Can Afford a Comfortable Retirement, by John H. Graves (Safe Harbor International Publishing)

Silver: Stress-Free Investing: Become a Lifetime Successful Investor while Integrating Biblical Truths with the Free Market Portfolio Theory, by Phyllis J. Veltman Wordhouse and Maria J. Wordhouse Kuitula (Wordhouse Publications)

Bronze: Make a Thousand, by Dick Callahan (Harbor Seal Press)

14. Social Activism/Charity

Gold: Empowering Spanish Speakers: Answers for Educators, Business People, and Friends of Latinos, by Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie (Summerland Corporation)

Silver: Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who Faced Cancer, by Tamela Rich (SPARK Publications)

Bronze: Understanding the Abuse of Adults by Catholic Clergy and Religious, by Kathryn R. Byrne, M.P.M. (Open Heart Life Coaching, LLC)

15. Personal Growth

Gold: Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life, by Jude Bijou, M.A., M.F.T. (Riviera Press)

Silver: The Home CEO’s Guide to Life: How to Live in Harmony, Health, and Happiness, by Maraya Pearson & Jamie Songy (Home CEO, Inc.)

Bronze: The Gift of Wisdom: Lessons for a Lifetime, by Neal Whitten (The Neal Whitten Group)

16. Relationships/Marriage

Gold: The Relationship Revelation: It’s All You, by Pollyanna Darling (Imaginaria)

Silver: The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, by Mali Apple & Joe Dunn (A Higher Possibility)

Bronze: Latina Power: Using Your 7 Strengths to Say No to Abusive Relationships, by Ana Nogales Ph.D with Laura Golden Bellotti (Nogales Psychological Counseling)

17. Femininity/Sexuality

Gold: Sexy and Sparkling After 40: 7 Steps to Revitalize Your Radiance & Create Romantic Adventure in Your Life! by Sherri Nickols (AVIVA Publishing)

Silver: 22 Things a Woman with Asperger’s Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know, by Rudy Simone (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

Bronze: Life Moments for Women: 100+ Extraordinary California Women Share Turning Points in Their Lives, by Patty DeDominic and Maureen Ford (Blue Point Books)

18. Enlightenment/Spirituality

Gold: The God Box: Sharing My Mother’s Gift of Faith, Love and Letting Go, by Mary Lou Quinlan (Greenleaf Book Group Press)

Silver: Live Like a Window, Work Like a Mirror: Enlightenment and the Practice of Eternity Consciousness, by Mark C. Brown, Ph.D. (First Light Books)

Bronze: The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, by Ilchi Lee (BEST Life Media)

19. Metaphysical (Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Development, etc.)

Gold: The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body, by Kala Ambrose (Llewellyn Worldwide)

Silver: Just Ask Alice! Guidance on Life and Living, by Alice Inoue (Createspace)

Bronze: Angels: Winged Whispers – True Stories from Angel Experts Around the World, edited by Sophia Fairchild (Soul Wings Press)

20. Exercise/Fitness/Yoga

Gold: Stress Less, Weigh Less, by Holly Mosier (Greenleaf Book Group Press)

Silver: Sunset Tai Chi: Simplified Tai Chi for Relaxation and Longevity, by Ramel Rones with David Silver (YMAA Publication Center)

Bronze: Beast Factory: A 12-Week Illustrated Boot Camp to Transform Yourself into a Toned, More Powerful Beast, by Kermit Cannon (Youth Sports Training)

21. Health/Wellness

Gold: Living with Depression: Why Biology and Biography Matter Along the Path to Hope and Healing, by Deborah Serani (Rowman & Littlefield)

Silver: Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly: A Brain Surgeon Reveals the Weight-Loss Secrets of the Brain-Belly Connection, by Larry McCleary, MD (Greenleaf Book Group Press)

Bronze: My Child is Sick! Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries, by Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)

22. Meditation/Relaxation

Gold: The Healing Power of the Breath: Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration, and Balance Your Emotions, by Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD (Shambhala Publications)

Silver: Blinding Pain, Simple Truth: Changing Your Life Through Buddhist Meditation, by Richard S. Ellis (Rainbow Books, Inc.)

Bronze: Relaxing into Meditation, by Ngakma Nor’dzin (Aro Books worldwide)

23. Healing Arts/Bodywork/Energy Techniques

Gold: ALIVE! An Energy Plan For Life, by Rae Hatherton (Tibetan Energy Medicine Press)

Silver: We Are Timeless: The Radiance Technique® in Hospice Care, by Christine Maria Gross (Portal Wisdom)

Bronze: The Water Code: Unlocking the Truth Within, by Rainey Marie Highley (Divine Macroverse)

24. Caregiving

Gold: American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Family Caregiving, edited by Julia A. Bucher, RN, PhD, Peter S. Houts, PhD & Terri Ades, DNP, PNP-BC, AOCN (American Cancer Society)

Silver: Stay or Move? How to Talk to a Senior About Their Changing Needs and Retirement Residences, by Marie-Claude Giguère (Helping Seniors)

Bronze: The Take-Charge Patient: How YOU Can Get the Best Medical Care, by Martine Ehrenclou, M.A. (Lemon Grove Press)

25. Mature Living/Aging

Gold (tie): 100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, from Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith, by Sonia Arrison (Basic Books)

Is This Normal? The Essential Guide to Middle Age and Beyond, by John Whyte, MD, MPH (Rodale)

Silver: A Roller-Coaster Ride: Thoughts on Aging, by Naomi Beth Wakan (Poplar Press)

Bronze: Elders Today: Opportunities of a Lifetime, by Nader R. Shabahangi, Ph.D. (Elders Academy Press)

26. Grieving/Death & Dying

Gold: When All That's Left of Me is Love: A Daughter's Story of Letting Go, by Linda Campanella (Tate Publishing & Enterprises)

Silver: Beyond Kübler-Ross: New Perspectives on Death, Dying and Grief, edited by Kenneth J. Doka and Amy S. Tucci (Hospice Foundation of America)

Bronze: The Grief Recovery Kit: A Young Person’s Guide Through the Journey of Grief, by Tanya Kilgore (Aepisaurus Publishing)

27. Inspirational Fiction

Gold: Pewter Angels, by Henry K. Ripplinger (Pio-Seelos Books)

Silver: The Way of the Quest, by Dr. George Blair-West (Alclare Publishing)

Bronze: Life’s Song, by Jeane Watier (Novel Ink Publishing)

28. Adventure Fiction

Gold: The Breath of God, by Jeffrey Small (West Hills/Hundreds of Heads)

Silver: Mayan Interface, by Wim Coleman & Pat Perrin (Madeira Press)

Bronze: Commonguy.com, by Don Miller (Createspace)

29. Children’s Picture Book

Gold: What Does It Mean To Be Present? by Rana DiOrio; illustrated by Eliza Wheeler (Little Pickle Press)

Silver: The Five Senses of Love, by Janet Parsons; illustrated by Claire Richards (Potoroo Publishing)

Bronze: Zaira and the Dolphins, by Mar Pavon; illustrated by Cha Coco (Cuento de Luz)

30. Children’s Non-Fiction

Gold: Baking with Friends: Recipes, Tips and Fun Facts for Teaching Kids to Bake, by Sharon Davis & Charlene Patton; illustrated by Coleen McIntyre (Goops Unlimited and The Home Baking Foundation)

Silver: Molly’s Organic Farm, by Carol L. Malnor and Trina L. Hunner; illustrated by Trina L. Hunner (Dawn Publications)

Bronze: I Love Greens, by Victoria Boutenko; illustrated by Eugene Podkolzin (Raw Family)